Laboratory Spray Dryers

Spray Dryer SD-06 Recommended Spares Kit (KITSD-06)

All our spray dryers are supplied complete with glassware and all the accessories needed to get you up and running. We also offer a wide range of accessories to complement our all in one Spray Dryer solution. This is the recommended spares kit for the SD-06 model.

Recommended Spares Kit For Spray Dryer SD-06


What's Included:

  • SDS2018: Main spray dryer chamber, 215mm OD x 500mm
  • SDS2022: Cyclone
  • SDS2006: Sample / Waste collection bottle 500ml
  • SDS2031: Additional silicone tubing for peristaltic pump (x2)
  • SDS2011: SVL double plastic screw adapter for collection bottle/tube
  • SDS2012: (x 2) PTFE gasket seals for SVL adaptor
  • SDS2042: Spare needle for all jets
  • SDS2033 (x 2) Packs of assorted O rings for jet assembly
  • SDS2040: Plunger de-blocking needle assembly for 0.5 - 2.00 jets

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