Laboratory Spray Dryers

Laboratory Spray Dryer Applications

Due to the flexibility, ease of use and all in one solution that Labplant Spray Dryers offer, they are used in many industries across the globe. Research institutions and technologists in all the fields below use our machines to Spray Dry suspensions, active agents and provide coatings and  micro-encapsulation.

The range of products that can be run through our machine are so numerous that we offer the service of trial running a sample though one of our machines prior to purchase.

We supply units for both aqueous and solvent based solutions, giving almost limitless applications for the production of free-flowing powder samples using our machines. Most solutions and suspensions can be spray dried providing that the resulting product has the characteristics of a solid material.

Some examples of the main industries our units are used in are shown below:

  • Biotechnology

Spray Dryer for Biotechnology

  • Chemistry

Spray Dryer For Chemistry

  • Engineering

Spray Dryer For Engineering

  • Pharmacutical

Spray Dryer For Pharmaceutical Research

  • Food Industry

Spray Dryer For The Food Industry

  • Industrial

Spray Dryer For Industry